Steak Tasting Pack, includes sauces

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Feeds 2- 4 people. 4 pieces of steak around 225gr (8oz) per steak, includes sauces and tasting notes sheets. On each steak, the farm, raising and feeding method will be listed. 

Brought from our Supper Club, the steak tasting and comparison course was a favourite. We would compare four different steaks from various parts of the cow and different farms to see how each farm‚Äôs unique feeding, aging and breeding methods affect tenderness, texture and flavour 

Strip loin Steak

In any experiment, there is a control, so we have included a Strip loin; a standard premier steak, a classic steakhouse cut. It sits at the top of the animal besides the tenderloin. Tender and flavourful, an all around great steak.

Flat Iron Steak

A gem of the shoulder, located beneath the chuck roll, on top of the short rib in the Scapula bone. There is only about 3 lbs of steak per side, 2 flat irons per cow. A thin, marbled well shaped, gorgeous steak. 3rd most tender steak on the cow, easy to cook, very tender and a solid flavour. Better than a Strip loin?

Rib Eye Steak - 3 yr old Dairy cow.

100% fed and finished Holstein cow. Grazed on pasture for milk production. grass fed cows are high in omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids and it’s incredibly healthy compared to corn fed beef. 

a grass fed steak will feel lighter on the palate and stomach then corn fed beef. The steak will have a sweeter, more nuanced flavour from the different grasses the cow ate over their life compared to corn fed steaks.

the rib eye is the besotted steak. Held in high place among steakhouses and enthusiasts. It rest on top of the rib section in the front half of a steer, between the shoulder and loin section. Bone in and it’s a Cote de Bouef or prime rib

 Tri Tip

the star of California style bbq, know the Santa Maria Tri tip. This cut offers a great flavour while still been tender.
Also Takes well to marinades


Pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free, grass fed and finished beef from Grey County, Ontario by Artisan farms. And from Millgrove, Ontario by Beverley Creek farms

Pricing based on nominal weight. Actual weight may vary by a few grams (ounces) with butcher's cut.