Steak Tasting Pack, includes sauces

0.907 kg

Feeds 2- 4 people. 4 pieces of steak around 225gr (8oz) per steak, includes sauces and tasting notes sheets. On each steak, the farm, raising and feeding method will be listed. 

Brought from our Supper Club, the steak tasting and comparison course was a favourite. We would compare four different steaks from various parts of the cow and different farms to see how each farm‚Äôs unique feeding, aging and breeding methods affect tenderness, texture and flavour 


Full Dinner 

Shrimp cocktail 

Substanable shrimp, cocktail sauce 

created by Hooked 


Steak tasting 

4 1/2 lbs steaks

2 daily sides 

duck fat potato cakes 

trio of sauces