Butcher’s Supper Clubs

We are excited to invite you to one of our popular supper clubs held right inside our butcher shop. These private, pre-booked dinners are a friendly and spirited event, taking place at our beautiful location behind 7 Numbers restaurant.

The Staff

We all have a background in restaurants, both on the cooking and service side, and we just love to welcome groups to our shop for a night of hanging out, eating, drinking, and chatting.

The Food

An inspired 5-course meal that features many of our in-shop products is served family style, on large serving platters set right on the table. In terms of menus, we tend to keep a few outstanding dishes up our sleeves, but we welcome the opportunity to join you on a foray into new culinary territory.

(And of course, the Liquor)

We have wine and cocktails for purchase, but we also have a liquor licence that allows us to have guests bring in their own (unopened) bottles of liquor, wine and beer.

The supper clubs are a reflection of our inspiration. We thoroughly enjoy cooking for you and offering you a taste of some of the in-house products we are excited about. We can also say that we’re fairly certain no one has ever left hungry!

Gather your friends for an evening to relish. Guests may number from 8 to 16. The price is $100 plus tax per person. Please email orders@stockintradeto.com for bookings, more info, and to ask about special requests.


Some items from past supper clubs include:

steak tartare on bone marrow  + carne cruda

porchetta belly + rapini + radicchio dumplings + pepper sauce

roasted chermoula lamb + chili pickled zucchini + harissa chickpeas 

pork coppa steaks + angry broccoli  + ricotta 

piri-piri fried rabbit + potatoes + lemon aioli

a variety of steaks + salsa verde + tallow potatoes

green salad + pickled onions + doussade dressing + blue cheese

asparagus + crispy chicken skins +olive relish, rouille & pecorino

Roman-style Brussels sprouts + crispy sweetbreads