A Butcher and Kitchen

We are passionate about butchery, food and culture. Our ethos is about using only ingredients that reflect our appreciation and respect for everything gastronomic. All of our meat is from small local farms that steer clear of short cuts, and are committed to the process of raising and caring for their livestock with dignity. They never use any hormones or antibiotics. Non of the feed is ever genetically modified.


We in turn do our best to honour that relationship by using hands on, time honoured preparation – using hand saws and seam butchery techniques in lieu of ban saws and machinery. Our chickens, pork and beef come in whole (or as large pieces as we can carry!). Wether it’s fresh grind, steaks, chops, fillets, bones, broths even skin and fat to name a few, we strive to complete the process as fully as possible. 


We prepare ready to eat items every day with our products. We aspire to translate some of our inspiration through our daily menus that feature comforting classics and new ideas. You’ll find sandwiches, bowls, salads and roasts at any given time. It’s our hope to save you time and energy with something healthy. 


We also love to listen and  talk to you about food. New recipes, different dishes you’ve discovered or would like to, maybe something you’ve heard about or seen recently. Any advice we can give we’re happy to provide. Conversely, we love finding out new things from the people in our community. After all there aren’t a lot of constant in this world but are all eating, cooking and sharing every day :) 


Come by and see what’s new at the shop, have a sandwich and chat.