Prime Rib Roast & Côte de Boeuf

0.001 kg

Truly the sumptuous heart of a meal, you will find yourself besotted with these prime rib roasts. Whether you decide on the côte de boeuf (bone-in ribeye steak) which feeds 2-3, the 2-bone prime rib which feeds 4-6, or the 3-bone prime rib which feeds 6-8, your family and guests will just love this pasture-raised, grass-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free, finished beef from Millgrove, Ontario’s Beverly Creek Farms.

Pricing is based on nominal weight. Actual weight may vary by a few grams with butcher's cut.

Available for pre-order now and pick up on December 30th. If you would like to pick up earlier, please call or email.