Abandoned Grove Olive Oil Supper Club

title: April 22

April 22nd, 2022 8pm
$150 per/person (includes a 500mL bottle of this year's harvest)

Join us for our first Olive Oil Harvest Supper Club with our friend, world-renowned olive oil taster, documentarian  and founder/producer at Abandoned Grove, Fil Bucchino.  

dinner is held at our Danforth shop located in the back of 7Numbers restaurant. 
dinner starts at 8 pm 
We have wine and cocktails for purchase and we also have a liquor license that allows us to have guests bring in their own (unopened) bottles of alcohol, beer or wine.


Stock-in-Trade x AG Supper Club


Steak Tartare 

First Course 

Ricotta Fritta,  Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta, Fresh Mozzarella 
White Anchovies, Rapini Conserva
House Focaccia 


Second  Course

Grilled Rabbit, Panzanella, Salsa Verde, Lemon aioli


Third Course  

Roasted Broccoli, Bagna Cauda & Lemon Ricotta 
Chickpea Farinata, Puntarelle, Crispy Chick Peas  
Tuscan Beans, Sage & A.G. E.V.O.O. 
Charred Radicchio, Stewed Chicory

 4  Course

Steak Tasting: 
A variety of 100% grass fed steaks (from dry aged, to varying breeds and farms),
Bone Marrow, Gremolata
Insalata Verde, Potatoes with Parsley, Garlic and E.V.O.O.


Death in Venice x Abandoned Grove Gelato & Cookie


Some words about Abandoned Grove Olive Oil
Eschewing the practices of the commercial olive oil industry, Abandoned Grove seeks to rejuvenate abandoned groves across the world and to re-cultivate the connection to the land, the groves, the people and the community that make for a truly incomparable bottle of olive oil.

By rejuvenating abandoned groves, we help sustain the landscape, environment and community. We pride ourselves on staying true to nature's wishes by interpreting and embracing each season's differences. And 2021 was no different. The different microclimates of the groves allowed us to focus on the best-thrived cultivars, and notwithstanding the lowest production yield since 2014, we derived one of the most balanced and elegant oils in years.