Butcher’s Brunch Sundays at Stock-in-Trade Danforth

Brunch 10-2
We only use Murrays pasture raised eggs 
 Welsh rarebit
Melty cheese toast with smoked bacon
Fried egg
(vegetarian option available)
Grass fed steak & pasture raised eggs
Chimichurri & duck fat roasted potatoes
(Add Cote de Bouef for two instead of steak $100)
 Porchetta hash & pasture raised eggs
Italian roasted pork marinated with rosemary, fennel pollen, lemon & garlic, 
Salsa Verde, potatoes, onions, radicchio, arugula  & red peppers 
Local smoked bacon & pasture raised eggs
House breakfast sausage & duck fat roasted potatoes 
Local Mushroom & niagara gold cheese frittata with house made tamarack farm’s crispy magnaslista Capicolla, greens, house bread  
(Vegetarian option available)
Daily Sausage & maple chipotle beans 
House made small batch sausage 
Slow cooked white beans 
Fried egg 
 Kids  menu
Local smoked Bacon buddy 
House bread
Local smoked bacon & pasture raised eggs
Ketchup & duck fat roasted potatoes