The de Martines Family Farm, Perth Pork Products Ltd.

The de Martines Family Farm, Perth Pork Products Ltd.

The de Martines Family Farm has been in production since the 1850's. It is 100 acres of relatively flat land with a well-established bush and a small stream at the back of the property. We, Fred, Ingrid, Mark, and Kylie de Martines, from the Netherlands, bought the farm in 1979.

Fred is a certified Swine Specialist with European training and experience. After extensive renovations we began the process of raising a family and top-quality pigs.

In 1992 we started our first Wild Boar herd with certified breeding stock originating in Germany and Russia. We have since added a Swedish boar to the herd. More recently the opportunity to buy a herd of Tamworth pigs made them irresistible.

We did not have a suitable Tamworth boar for breeding, so we introduced our sows to a Wild Boar for one cycle. The resulting piglets are the hearty Iron Age pig so prized in Great Britain. After much searching, we found two unrelated boars and two more sows to add to our Tamworth herd. All the sows are now birthing beautiful piglets. They are provided a shelter where they give birth. They then are turned onto pastures where they graze.

Again, after many inquiries, Fred took a trip to Manitoba where he bought a herd of Berkshire pigs. We have never looked back.

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