Our house-made, small batch sausages are our pride and joy! We use only local, hormone-free meat from small farms. We break-down whole muscles and grind meat specifically for our sausages. Our offerings change daily, based on demand and availability of produce. Please come by or call for more quality and type details.

Examples of our sausages include:
Porchetta – Traditional Italian pork roast in sausage form, including fennel, lemon, garlic, rosemary and chili
Stock-in-Trade Banger – Our take on the classic breakfast sausage including maple and smoked pork
Sriracha, Ginger, Soya Sauce – A pork sausage with Vietnamese influences
French Country – Pork flavoured with white wine, Dijon and green peppercorns
Cotechino – Warm spices, orange, red wine and pork
Buttermilk Ranch – Chicken, buttermilk, hot sauce, garlic tastiness
Curry Fury – Chicken, coconut milk, lime, chili, cinnamon and (you guessed it) curry
Italian – Beef, red wine, garlic, capers
Toulouse – Classic French pork sausage, with white wine, garlic, salt and pepper
Bacon cheese burger – Beef and pork mix with smoked bacon and aged cheddar
Classic beef and pork hotdogs showcasing our hormone-free meat

All of our sausages are gluten-free with the exception of ones featuring soya sauce or beer