Today’s Menu



Local salamis, mozzarella, tomatoes, lettuce, Spicy olive sauce, aioli


Salami & Provolone AKA the Hoagie 

tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, pickled onions


greens, pickled red onions, ricotta, salsa Verde 

Tri tip Steak 

Greens, pickled red onions & jalapeños 

salsa Verde sauce, crispy onions


Carolina chicken

Fried or pulled 

Mustard sauce, house bread & butter pickles, pickled jalapeños, slaw

 PirI Piri Chicken

Greens, pickled red onions & jalapeños

Salsa Verde sauce, slaw


Local mozzarella

tomatoes, basil, arugula, spicy olive sauce 


Pinoy pork belly 

Pickled jalapeños & cucumbers, slaw, aioli & chili


Torikatsu (chicken schnitzel)

Pickled jalapeños & cucumbers, bulldog sauce, aioli & chili 


Rice Bowls - $15  


Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Tossed in our house pepper sauce


Choice of 

Crispy chicken

Pinoy pork belly 



Crispy tofu

Served with 

Pickled cucumbers, red onions, jalapeños, Cilantro, Scallion aioli

Chili sauce 


*No spice, no problem, please ask when ordering*