Butcher’s supper club

Stock-in-Trade Supper Club 
sample menu


House focaccia


Steak tartare on bone marrow 

Carne crudo


Porchetta belly


Radicchio dumplings

Pepper sauce


 Roasted Chermoula Lamb

Chili pickled zucchini

Harissa Chick peas 


Pork Coppa steaks

   Angry broccoli  



Piri piri fried rabbit 


Lemon aioli


Steak tasting 

A variety of steaks some are dry aged, some not 

Steaks from breeds, ages and farms 

 100% grass fed 

Olive oil 

Salsa Verde 

Tallow potatoes


 green salad 

Pickled onions, doussade dressing, blue cheese 



Crispy chicken skins 

Reduced balsamic & rosemary

Olive relish 




Roman style  Brussels sprouts

Crispy sweetbreads    



They’re back. If you are unfamiliar, prior to the whole Coronavirus thing, at our original location, we used to hold something we called SUPPER CLUBS or private pre booked dinners held right inside the butcher shop.  

Now we have a beautiful new location located in the back of 7 Numbers restaurant on Danforth ave and it is a perfect space to get started hosting them again. 

Heres the deal –  

We all have a background in restaurants – both on the cooking and service side (I think between us it’s a compined 9,746 years – or feels like it anyway). And we like to invite groups to come to our shop for a night of hanging out, talking, eating and drinking  

The set up is a private room, in the back of the restaurant (located right in our shop) 

Number of guests is minimum 6 to 10 people

The fee is $100 plus tax per person.  

We have wine and cocktails for purchase and we also have a liquor license that allows us to have guests bring in their own (unopened) bottles of alcohol, beer or wine.  

What ensues is a 5 course meal that features many of our products in the shop and is a reflection of our inspiration. We have a few dishes that we tend to keep up our sleeves but we always like trying different things. It is served family style, on large serving platters that are set right on the table.   

A few things we can attest to are that we thoroughly enjoy cooking for everyone and we very much enjoy showcasing a component from many of the products that we have in house. We can also say that we’re fairly certain no one has ever left hungry  


contact orders@stockintradeto.com for bookings